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Our Services and Classes

  • Tue

    1 hr

  • Wed, Sat

    1 hr

  • Sat

    30 min

  • Offered Daily

    24 hr


Circus is an in-person outside training program that focuses on muscle conditioning and cardiorespiratory fitness! We will get you moving in new and fun ways while practicing safe and proper techniques of each exercise. Come check it out and get moving for an hour on Tuesday’s evenings in South Huntington Beach.

Dance Fitness

This is an in-person one-hour class that uses easy to follow moves to get your heart pumping and your happiness soaring. This class will get moving and grooving to a wide variety of music including: Latin, rock, pop, country and more. Come join us on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in South Huntington Beach to dance your way into a healthier life!

HIIT it!

This is an in-person 30 min. high intensity interval training class that focuses on both cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness!

Come join us on Saturday mornings in South Huntington Beach!

Virtual Classes

We have on demand videos that you can view 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week!  Classes like yoga, cardio, muscle conditioning, and the best dance videos around are available to you anytime, anywhere! Get outside or make room in your house and start improving your health on your schedule. 

Virtual Classes

Dance: Garage Girls Fitness gets groovy when it comes to dance classes with Jan! Each month, new music and new moves keeps the dance party going with easy to learn choreography… no need for years of dance training. These classes will get the hips shakin’ and the heart pumpin’!

Yoga: We provide a variety of yoga classes that are taught by our yoga instructor Julie. Classes range from 30 to 55 minutes that are livestreamed and recorded for your convenience.  Classes are meant for all levels of practice. You will learn to find your inner chi and improve your strength, flexibility, and balance as you practice this amazing form of exercise! 

Muscle Conditioning: Garage Girls Fitness offers a selection of muscle conditioning workouts that strengthen and re-shape your body. Formats include upper body and lower body focused workouts, core training, resistance band workouts, TABATA classes which focus on high-intensity exercises, EMOM (every minute on the minute), AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), body weight and pure strength…the variety needed to get you to your goals!

Cardio: We offer a variety of formats and levels for our cardio classes! Want an old school step class? We’ve got you covered!  Want a high intensity cardio class? Yep, got that too! Need to get the last 1,000 steps in for your daily step count? We will help you meet that goal! Class videos range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, choose how long you want to work out and get started!

Specialty classes: Our specialty classes are an option to get moving in a fun way while focusing on different aspects of your health. We offer classes that assist bone building, low back pain, core strengthening, mobility, and more! Garage Girls Fitness will help you live your life to the fullest through fitness, health, and wellness.

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