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Jan Schroeder, PhD., is the founder of Garage Girls Fitness. She holds a doctorate degree in Exercise Physiology with a specialization in Gerontology from the University of Kansas and is a professor of Kinesiology at Long Beach State University. She holds over 20 licenses and certifications such as Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and X-Ray Technician – Bone Densitometry. Dr. Schroeder has published over 60 research and applied articles and presented over 40 presentations at the national and international level. She loves being involved in the fitness industry and leading the Garage Girl Fitness community!

Who are the Garage Girls?

Garage Girls Fitness began in 2009 with a group of women participating in a Zumba class at a private studio. The studio closed but the group wanted to continue working out together, so Garage Girls Fitness was created! This group has developed into a fitness community that goes beyond working out together. We support each other through life’s celebrations, tragedies, and milestones. We laugh, we cry, and we work out TOGETHER!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Garage Girls were unable to meet in person so we began teaching our classes online. It allowed our fitness community to work out together and support one another during this isolating time. It also gave us the ability to expand our classes outside of our South Huntington Beach area.  We now have Garage Girls in Pennsylvania, Florida, Oregon and Illinois!

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