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All I want for Fitmas is……

This holiday season may be different for all of us due to the pandemic. It will be tougher to see our extended families and our holiday parties may be through Zoom, but we can still keep the holiday spirit alive and well. Garage Girls Fitness would like to share some gift giving ideas for the holidays for the fitness enthusiasts in your life…or maybe you can leave this blog open for your household to get some hints for you!

Workout wear! This is my favorite gift as I live in leggings and sports bras. I also love to give leggings as a gift because it is pretty hard to get the size wrong and you can never have enough workout clothes. A few of my favorite brands are Brazil Pants (; use JAN20 to get 20% off you order); Fabletics (; use the promo code for a great introductory deal), and athleta ( I find these brands to be good quality, priced fairly, and unique.

Resistance equipment: We are always in need of items to lift and pull to improve our health. Resistance mini bands, tubing, kettle bells, dumbbells and barbells are they way to go with this gift. Is there a ‘best’ brand to get? Not really….as long as you can lift or pull it, you are getting the right ones. You can find these gift items on Amazon, Target, sporting good stores or professional fitness equipment websites such as

Fitness Trackers: Fitness trackers are a motivating tool to help you remember to workout, to log your workouts and get all sorts of data. The most common fitness trackers are Fitbit (, Apple watches (any store that sells Apple products), and Garmin watches ( My husband swears by his Garmin watch… and he is hinting strongly about wanting the latest version! He tracks everything from our hikes and skiing to his cycling and surfing (it gives him wave speed, number of waves, paddle strokes, etc.). These devices are awesome for the fitness data junkie!

Foam Rollers: Can you say ahhhhh?! A foam roller can help you relieve those tight areas that pop up and they are the next best thing to having a masseuse live with you! Foam rollers do come in different sizes, shapes, and densities. Having several different kinds can help you achieve the results that you want and leave you feeling refreshed. My favorite brands include TriggerPoint and ProsourceFit.

Socks: Do you remember getting socks in your stocking and thinking sarcastically ‘nice one Santa’ and then throwing them off to the side? Not anymore! Socks have come a long way since we were kids. They are now specialized depending on the activity you are doing and believe me they make a difference! Hiking socks – no more blisters and protects your feet and legs from the environment! Running socks – designed to reduce blisters, wick moisture, and keep your feet more comfortable. Ski socks - protect from shin bang—something that happens when the front of the boot hits or puts painful pressure on the front of the leg.

Hair Bands: Hair bands, please! A great little stocking stuffer is any type of hair bands that keeps your hair from sticking to your face during a sweaty workout! They come in different thickness and designs and are even washable.

Water Bottle: The reusable water bottle trend is at an all-time high as they are environmentally friendly, mostly indestructible, insulated, and some are even quite fashionable. I have found that carrying a reusable water bottle around also helps to improve the amount of fluids I intake during the day. If you want to be trendy like the kids, get stickers to personalize it.

Aside from the physical gifts you can give to the fitness fan in your life, probably the best gift you can give them is you! Sharing a workout with your family and friends helps to promote fitness and social connections as well as provide a lifetime of memories! Happy shopping!

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Love these ideas for Christmas .. I wish I have read it before .. the gifts ideas are awesome but it is too late to make it happen 😌


great ideas, thanks for sharing!

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