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Mini Moments in Life

Losing a pet is a profound and emotionally charged experience that leaves an indelible mark on our hearts. My journey with Mini, who we unexpectedly lost this past month, was filled with joy, laughter, and ultimately, heartbreak. She was by my side at all times and I feel as though I have lost a big part of me.

We adopted Mini when she was 9 weeks old.  I picked her up and she peed all over

me…I loved her at that exact moment. Her name was originally Dora, after Dora the Explorer, and she was true to that name.  Occasionally she would decide to take her self on walks to the park.  One time she even took herself on a four-mile run to the beach and back…by the time she got back her paws were bleeding from running so fast.

Mini loved to be around people but she was very choosy about who could pet her…it was almost as if it was beneath her for you to stroke her soft fur. You knew you were accepted by her if she let you pet her more than once.

So many of you knew her from our in-person and online classes. She loved to be in the studio when I would film, she would lay quietly off camera or sometimes she wanted to be on film and she would move to be in frame. She especially loved being in class during the week.  She had her spot in the front row…usually between Nancy and Tammie. I would kindly ask her to move as I was always afraid she would cause someone to fall, she would move and then about 30 seconds later she would return to her spot.  She was a stubborn one!

Mini was her happiest when she was camping and hiking.  As soon as she saw we were loading the van her demeanor changed.  She was not going to be left behind!  She rarely slept in the van as we traveled as she watched the world go by from her small side window.  She easily did 10+ mile hikes and just had a bounce in her step on the trails. Camping will be challenging this season.

I feel lucky to have had her for 12 years but so sad that she had to leave us.  We are managing without her but there is sadness in our hearts.  I want to thank all of you for your hugs, tears, and love that you have shown us as we grieve our loss.

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