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March Madness!

March is certainly a busy month this year for me. It may even be on the verge of madness! And I for one, can’t wait!

I leave for Washington, DC at the beginning of the month to attend the IDEA Personal Training Institute. I am super excited to once again be presenting at this wonderful conference. This year I will be presenting on “Metabolism: Static vs Dynamic Energy Balance” and “Improving Slip- and Trip-Resisting Skills in Older Clients”. I want to send out a huge thank you to my Garage Girls – Tammie, Nancy, Debbie, Armida, and Carolyn – for being my exercise video models for my presentation. I love how you are always willing to help me out with lectures! I am looking forward to this conference as I get to travel with my university colleagues, always a fun time, and I get to see my industry friends that I may only see at conferences. It is a good time to get caught up on their lives as well as new happenings in the industry. This event is going to be extra special as two of my childhood friends are making the drive down to DC! And, I know I will be bringing home some new ideas for classes!

Daylight savings time is March 12th this year. Remember to set your clocks ahead by one hour. This time of year can be challenging for us as we need to adjust our internal time clocks for this shift in time. Since we spring forward, we lose an hour. This loss causes sleep deprivation and sleepiness in most people, and can linger for days to weeks. To help with this loss of sleep it is suggested to go to bed 15 minutes early, starting several days before the change, and increase by 15 minutes every couple of nights. Make an extra effort to be well-rested the week before the time change and the shift should be easier.

March Madness starts March 14th!For college basketball fans this is the Super Bowl for over two straight weeks! I was never a basketball fan… until I attended the University of Kansas. KU is considered the holy grail of basketball as the Jayhawk’s first coach was James Naismith, the father of basketball. Walking into Allen Fieldhouse, you actually get chills.The original handwritten rules for basketball are housed in the Fieldhouse… lots of history. And to hear the Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant rumble softly towards the end of a sure win gives you goosebumps!The Jayhawks are once again ranked high, so you know I will be waving the wheat and chanting Rock Chalk Jayhawk…hopefully all the way to the Championship Game on April 3rd!

During all the basketball games, we need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…another madness all its own. Pull out your green, grab the crockpot for the corn beef and cabbage (not my thing, but I make it anyways), and give cheers to your family and friends with an Irish toast! “May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.”

So how to round out this month of madness? I decided to head home for a week to see my family! I miss my family so much! Jakob, his girlfriend, and I are flying to Pittsburgh for lots of hugs, food, drink, and laughter. And for those of you who know my family, I think you will agree, that it is madness, in the best possible way, when the Schroeder family all get together!

Enjoy your own March Madness!

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