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New Year, New Closets?

It is the start of the New Year and you have undoubtedly heard the expression, ‘New Year, New You’. This adage lends itself to making resolutions to change who you are, however I have never really liked this saying. There is nothing so wrong with you in your current state that you need to become someone else, personally I like you the way you are! Do we all have things we want to work on for the upcoming year? Of course! But we do not need to completely change ourselves into something that is almost impossible to maintain and then end up frustrated with ourselves.

I subscribe to my own motto of ‘New Year, New Closets!’. I love starting the year off by cleaning out my closets – yes, I realize I am weird – and figuring out how to make each of them more organized. Cleaning out my closets allows me to go through everything I put into them over the year and determine what I love or need and what is just taking up space. It is a great feeling to have closets that are organized to where I can see what is in them. I am constantly searching for bins or shelving that will help me to reach my goal of de-stressing my closets.

This year, I have found an item that is making me tear up with joy! As many of you know, I may have a slight problem - an obsession with workout leggings. At my last count, I own about 75+ pairs. I understand that this may seem excessive, but I justify the number with the following reasons:

  1. I wear them to the university as my classes require me to not only lecture but also to get down on the floor to demonstrate exercises.

  2. I work out in them every day which occasionally requires me to wear more than one pair of leggings per day because who wants to wear sweaty leggings all day long.

  3. I also wear them as casual wear because they are way more comfortable than jeans.

But here is my closet problem…storing them! I have tried many methods and nothing has made me happy. I have folded them and put them in a drawer, but I couldn’t see all of them and ended up wearing only the pairs on top. I have stacked them on my shelves in my closet, but they would fall over or on me when I grabbed a pair. I have hung them on hangers, two pairs to one hanger, color-coordinated of course, but that took up way too much room in my closet and I couldn’t fit anything else on the racks. But this year, I was determined to find a solution! And I did! Amazon to the rescue!

For less than $20, I have found the Legging Storage Bag hanger (! This wonderful item holds 24 pairs of leggings in clear plastic slots that I can

hang in my closet. I can see all my leggings and it takes up a fraction of the space of individual hangers. The day they arrived on my door step, I got all my leggings out and began to organize then by color and then by leg length…Jeff just shook his head at my giddiness.

My closet looks fantastic! I ordered four of them…this means I have about 20 more spaces for more leggings…. now that’s exciting!

Happy New Year! Happy New Closets!

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I can really appreciate the joy you found in your new storage. Being a bit OCD myself, having a place for everything and being organized has become second nature to me. It also saves a lot of time when you can find exactly what you are looking for in seconds and without having to plow through piles of stuff.

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